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Daphna Alon was born in 1968. She lives and works in Tel Aviv. A self taught artist who holds a Bachelor's degree in Textile Design (specializing in printing) from Shenkar (1997).
A painter who works predominantly with gouache and acrylics on a honeycomb board in varying sizes with epoxy coating. Her painting could be defined as figurative-expressive with influences of naïve and outsider art. In her works she creates a world comprised of extravagant figures and creatures in indeterminate spaces and places. Her works engage with the definition of "the other" and in intensifying the notion of "outsiderness" and "abnormality" as strength.

I am a self taught artist, with a Bachelor of Textile Design degree from Shenkar. I work mostly with gouache and acrylic on honeycomb board in varying sizes, which I then coat with a layer of glossy epoxy resin.

My painting style is figurative with naïve and expressionist influences that relate to illustration, outsider art and street art/urban art.

I paint primarily human figures, animals and hybrid creatures that are entirely the figments of my imagination. My figures usually have a humorist quality, yet at the same time they are also heartbreaking.

They are intriguing, aware of their outsiderness while they proudly and confidently look directly at the viewer. My works have a dimension of social critique of the capitalist, consumerist and superficial world in which we live. This critique is conveyed with a "tongue in cheek" approach and a use of strong colors and visual seductiveness in order to pull in the viewers and allow me to form a dialogue with them.

I build my chosen "tribe" which is comprised of extravagant fantastical creatures in indefinite spaces and places – always portrayed frozen in mid-movement. In my works there is a feeling of empowering "the other" and celebrating him/her as powerful and as the center of the artwork. In a way, this "tribe" is influenced by different multicultural societies and perceptions that define the center/margin in relation to diverse social perceptions in different places.

My sources of inspiration are diverse and are influenced by the history of art and artists like Rousseau, Botero, Calder, Basquiat and others.

At the same time I also draw inspiration from different references of popular culture around me and from my personal biography.




1997              Bachelor's Degree in Textile Design from Shenkar College of Engineering, Design and Art.

1995-1999    Design lecturer at Shenkar College of Engineering, Design and Art.

                       Textile Design Department, years 1-4.


Solo exhibitions


2015       "Sticks & Stones", Caprice Gallery, Tel Aviv

2013       "Dream", Space for Art, Jaffa


Group exhibitions

2016       Triangle Art Space, art sale exhibition

2016       Fresh Paint 8, contemporary art fair

2016       Secret Art 8, Leumi Bank, Tel Aviv

2015       Triangle – Art Space, Tel Aviv

2015       "Monsters Art", Jaffa Port Gallery

2013       "Stars & Dust", Ein Hod Central Gallery

2013       "Food Processor", Hakir33, curators: Dalit Merchav and Hila Tadmor

2013       "Miniatures", Jaffa Museum

2012       Group exhibition at the Ein Hod Central Gallery

2012       Group exhibition at Artstation Gallery, Tel Aviv


Art sales exhibitions


2015       "Imagination" art sale, Bank HaPoalim

2014       "Bread and Roses" art sale

2014       "Imagination", Bank HaPoalim

2014       "Secret Art 7", Bank Leumi

2013       "Bread and Roses" art sale, Kastiel Complex

2013       "Imagination", Bank HaPoalim

2013       "Bread and Roses" art sale, Kastiel Complex




Her works are in various private collections in Israel and around the world.

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